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Here are some common questions I get asked about the course.

If missed anything, please shoot me an email with your question and I'll get back to you asap!

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How will Master Your Money help my business?
Every Money Personality has money-making gifts and their own unique path to wealth.
When you learn to leverage your strengths and do business in line with your personality, making more money will feel easier and more fun.

Plus, when you work with the natural aspects of your Money Personality, you’ll also overcome the challenges and sabotages that have been holding you back, so your business can move to the next level.

You don’t need to change who you are and you don’t need to continue to struggle or feel frustrated and alone.
I designed this course to focus on helping you to make more money.

As a Virgo,one of my strengths is the ability to give clear, practical and actionable advice that will help you. I won't waste your time in this course. I lay out a very clear path for you to follow.

I have helped countless women people earn more and tweak their businesses for more abundance, ease, and joy in their life.

I’m short on time. Will it take a long time to complete?

You have lifetime access to the course so you can learn at your own pace. By joining now you're securing the best deal and jumping in before the price increases. So I highly recommend acting now.

Each lesson is no longer than 25 minutes and the homework is included in that time. We do the homework right in that 25 minutes.
I recommend booking out 30 minutes a day to work on the course modules, but there is no compulsory schedule or risk of falling behind


Is this only for people already making money or making a certain amount of money?
The course is designed to support you whoever you are – wherever you are - just starting out or making millions. We have members at every level and I've learned that there’s always money mindset work to be done. It’s great to get started on your journey to entrepreneurship with a healthy relationship to money and a strong money mindset, though.

Will this work in my industry?
The Master Your Money courses is not industry-specific. It’s about creating a healthy relationship with money, more abundance and more balance in your life.

Some of the industries that have found great success include:

  • Business & Performance Coaches and Consultants
  • Accountants
  • Marketing & Advertising Strategists
  • Health & Wellness Professionals
  • Energy Healers, Spiritual Mentors
  • Yoga teachers
  • Life Coaches
  • Musicians, Entertainers, Authors Fine Artists,
    Photographers & Other Creatives
  • Web Designers, Graphic Designers
  • Social Media & Branding Experts
  • Course Creators, Content Creators, Influencers

Simply and without ego, my course works. We care about you and want you to succeed.

If you want to learn practical money mindset and business strategies to change your relationship with money so you can earn more, the Master Your Money Course is for you.

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 I don’t have a business yet. Will this still work for me?
Yes, the Master Your Money Course will support you whatever level you’re at, whether you’ve a kernel of a dream of a fully established business. If you want to create more wealth and abundance in your daily life then this is for you!

I’m an established entrepreneur already earning good money? Will I still learn anything new?
Absolutely! There are always upper limit issues and income plateaus that have a nasty habit of cropping up (the glass ceiling is real especially in the entrepreneurial world). When these hurdles inevitably hit, having the right tools in place is essential to breaking through quickly to your next level of success.

In fact, upgrading your money mindset is the FASTEST way to go to the next level in your business. Better yet, unlike some business strategies (that can take months – or even years – to pay off), when you upgrade your beliefs around money, you’ll start seeing results immediately.


How do you keep me accountable?
There’s built-in accountability with the weekly coaching calls and our community to support you. There are regular emails and accountability posts to help you stay motivated and keep building momentum. You can ask questions and get support from the community and email me anytime.


How do the LIVE Coaching Calls work – how many people are on them?
Each week there are two calls on Zoom. You can attend one or both. There are usually enough people on each call to create a real buzz and excitement, and also keep you motivated but not so many that you feel lost. In answer to your question, the perfect amount!


What happens if I can’t make the calls?
No worries. You're not alone. Not everyone can make all of the calls. Plus, the calls are recorded, and the replays are available in the membership area within 24 hours.


What’s the price?
Rather than viewing this as an expense that doesn’t offer anything in return, the Master Your Money Course is an investment in your financial future with practical money-making business advice.

It’s hard to place a value on creating a brand-new money story for yourself, because money affects EVERY area of your life!

The Full Course with Weekly Coaching is $497 right now, that will likely go up this year.
You can also pay that in 3 installments of $187.

I also offer the course without the weekly coaching calls at $197.

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What if I don’t like it? Do you have a Refund Policy?
I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, but if not - no worries at all, because I have 10 Day guarantee that makes this a 100% no risk investment. You can join the Master Your Money Course today and try out ten days, then if you decide that it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes. 

That’s how confident I am in the quality of this course, our calls and community! I want you to feel so crazy good about making this investment in yourself and your future.

So if you try it out and it isn’t for you, then nothing lost. Join now and feel confident in your decision with my 10-Day 100% Refund Guarantee.


I don’t have the budget for this right now.
I get it. Cash flow can be tough. However there are always solutions and some in plain sight.

And I as I mentioned above there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Invest in the full course - $497
  • Use the 3 installments of $187
  • Or take the Self-Guided Course without the Weekly Coaching Calls at $197

I will tell you however, the Coaching Calls are super, super valuable, so I know you would find the Full Course worth the investment.

Don't wait another year to get started because these prices will be increasing soon. You can make so much progress in the next few months. You can earn while you learn.

I am here to support you towards shifting your money blocks and bringing in greater wealth and success in all areas of your life.


How do I know if it’s the right time to join?
Some people think that you have to have your money stuff all sorted out or be at a certain level before you join. Sort of like needing to clean the house before the cleaning lady comes or organizing your taxes before handing them to your bookkeeper.

This is a perfectionist block, a limiting belief that's keeping you stuck.

Bring your money blocks to MYM and we’ll work on them systematically together. There’s nothing like the accountability of an aligned mastermind.

Some people think they have to figure this stuff out for themselves or that they’ll just start with a book and try and go it alone.

You don’t need to do it alone and honestly, you’re already ready. We want to hear your stories and blocks - bring me your money mess and sabotages.

There’s not much I haven’t heard before from all different backgrounds, industries and countries.

This is the work and we do it together. When we heal it for one, we heal it for all of us and we keep learning.

So if you’re feeling frustrated at your current income, anxious about money and you’re looking to grow then now the perfect time to join.

There’s really no point putting it off because as soon as you’re in you’ll start noticing shifts and making changes.


What would the cost be of staying where you’re at for another year?

Whether you want to turn your side-hustle into your main income, escape your 9-5, launch something new or have a record year in your business, Master Your Money will help you make it happen.

Doing this work IS worth it.

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