Master Your Money Course


Pamela K., a Sound Healer and Reverse Mortgage Specialist, shares her experience, insights, and transformations from taking the Master Your Money Course.

Sharon M., an Anxiety & Agoraphobia Coach, shares her experience and insights while taking the Master Your Money Course.


"I was having trouble taking the action steps to make money in my business.  I felt unclear as to why it was so hard for me to create the content and materials.

I learned that I am a Celebrity-Maverick. Now I know why I love the visibility portion and the big vision of my business. I love the risks and the big steps, but can’t stand the little steps in between. I just want to be there already!  The clarity that I came away with is priceless!"

Erika - Graphic Designer


"Thanks to Master Your Money, I've transformed my mindset and my business. I'm finally in control of my financial future."

Emma - New Start-Up Entrepreneur


"My biggest challenge with money was asking for business.
I was not following up with hot leads and collaborations and I was leaving a lot of money on the table.

I learned that I am an Accumulator and a Connector. I realized that I was avoiding connecting with others because I did not feel good enough. This belief has been driving my life for years and keeping me very small. I had a major breakthrough around this issue. It was painful but powerful.

Thank you Janet for helping me push through my money blocks and fears. I know view money as a tool not something to fear or I’m unworthy of.”"

Sonya - Life Coach


"Janet's course completely changed my life. The Coaching Calls were so transformational for me!Thank you Janet for your insights and understanding!

I'm no longer stressed about money and working all hours of the day and night. I can now focus on my passion and spend time with my family and friends."

Rachel - Small Retail Business Owner


"As a Celebrity/Alchemist, I quickly mapped out a path to prosperity that honors my natural gifts and helps me connect with the more challenging parts in a healthy and supportive way.
The clarity in the course and Coaching Calls that I received has opened up huge doors of possibility and opportunity."

Adrienne - Interior Designer


"Master Your Money transformed my business! I learned as an Accumulator, I struggled with trust and therefore had difficulty delegating. Now that I've worked through that fear, I have a staff of 4 amazing women, the work keeps rolling in, and I'm finally free from constant money worries."

Sarah - Event Coordinator/ Caterer

"This course and the amazing Coaching Calls helped me see the true value of my work and myself!

I finally found the courage to leave my old job and seek out one that not only values me but is paying me what I’m worth! I am so happy now!"

Jackie - Executive