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Entrepreneur Rule #1:
How you "Do Money" is how you Do Everything!

You've heard it before... the #1 reason businesses fail is money.

But it's not what you think.

It's not because they don't have enough money, it's because they're not in alignment with how they do money!

Understanding your Money Personality from the start moves you on a path to a brand new financial future, for your business and personally too.

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"Elevate your worth,
by believing in your wisdom,
and watch your wealth rise, magically!"

-Janet Hutchens


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Your Money Personality Quiz

Discover your Money DNA - what makes you do what you do - so you can start on a new path of financial freedom. Because how you do money is how you do everything!


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Have great ideas but don't know where to begin? Know you're meant for more but not sure what your brilliance really is?  Let's discover your brilliance and "Meant to Be" business!

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"Janet is an amazing creative soul with impeccable integrity. She patiently listens with and from her heart. Many times she saw where I was going and gently let me catch up, often suggesting brilliant ideas that at first were beyond my understanding. Ultimately, I was able to stretch and open to unimagined possibilities.

One of her greatest qualities is that she is open and receptive to the love and wisdom that flows through her. Janet is responsive to the love and wisdom that flows through you too. It was a lovely collaboration with her.

It was a great challenge for me to give birth to my new work and business. Janet's skill and grace were essential for my evolution. Thank you Janet."


Tarasa L. - Taproot Healing Institute


Meet Janet Hutchens.



My Journey to Brilliance

By 2017 I had it made. After becoming a single mom of 4 small kids in 2000, I had built my small graphic design business to become a well-oiled marketing machine with gross sales well into the six figures. It’s what we dream of, right?

But here’s the thing: I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t find the motivation that I once had, and I didn’t understand why… until I had what I call my "perfect trifecta" moment. Nope, I didn't win a horse race. The race I was in had me running straight into a brick wall! Until three angels stepped in my way.


More about me

“Janet’s experience, heart and brilliance guides her clients every step of the way. Her keen ability to listen and discern the essence of a project and how to actualize the big picture is a rare gift. 

Her guidance in building my sound healing business was spot on at every twist and turn. The website she built is beautiful, meaningful and a true reflection of how I choose to share my brilliance. Her ability to keep me accountable and moving forward is a treasure both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Janet Hutchens.”



Pamela - Sound Healing Source
Fort Lauderdale, FL


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