Did Life Get In The Way... AGAIN?

dream business entrepreneur heart-centered business women entrepreneurs Apr 28, 2019

Did life get in the way– AGAIN? We all have a spark within us. It may sit dormant for many years but it’s never too late and you’re never too old to awaken it and share it with the world and more importantly with YOU!

Your brilliance will delight the world and delight you in all the joy and fulfillment it brings to you. When you’re in “The Zone” – your Brilliance, your Genius Zone, you absolutely know it. It’s a state of pure and utter joy–no ego, no worries, no fears, no competition.

For over 50 years I was keeping myself safe and quiet. As Gay Hendricks describes in his book The Big Leap, I was keeping myself in my Zones of...

  • Incompetence (what you’re not good at but do anyway)
  • Competence (what you’re good at and so are a lot of other people), and
  • Excellence (what you excel at and do for the accolades, money, and ego - not because your passionate it about it)

I was resisting breaking through my glass ceiling and elevating to my Genius Zone - the zone of creativity, joy, pure fulfillment, and happiness. But why?

Each day I found myself deeper in the "Hamster Wheel of Life"– super busy and financially successful but unfulfilled and frustrated. It’s safe to play small. It’s safe to place others ahead of you. It’s safe to not give yourself a voice. And it’s safe to play the victim and make excuses that your life is the result of what others have done to you. But we are all solely responsible for our own happiness.

It took me 50+ years to break into my Genius Zone, place myself first, and live in my Brilliance. Oh, I would dabble in it occasionally, but would sink back down into the safe zones to be “safe” and stroke my ego.

Yet, I had always felt that there was something bigger for me to do, a bigger contribution to make, and I knew the only way to get there was to be in my Genius Zone for extended periods of time.

So, I decided to put myself first and it was hard! As a woman and mother of 4 grown kids and 4 grandkids putting myself first was not what I was taught. It took conscious practice and daily commitment to make the shift.

I started small, making myself the priority first thing in the morning for just one hour rather than attending to others “nigglies” as I call them – all those little nudging requests by clients and family, which you rationalize as being quick and easy to cross off the list but end up consuming your time and sucking you down into the rabbit hole.

Now, I’m “unavailable” until at least 1pm 6 days a week and entirely the 7th day of the week – working and living in my Brilliance, which for me is creating, designing, writing, and painting. My year end goal is to expand that to all of Friday through Monday, and half of Tuesday through Thursday. Think I can do it?

  • How much time do you spend in your Brilliant or Genius Zone?
  • Are ready to get out of your Incompetent and Competent Zones altogether?
  • Are you ready to stop playing safe and small?
  • Are you ready to give yourself a voice?
  • Are you ready to bring that spark to life once again and keep it lit for extended periods of time?

Don’t let other peoples lives get in the way of yours anymore.
This is your life - LIVE IT!

Live Your Light!


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